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UK electronic music producer Koloto has just released her latest EP IOA on the 20th of March 2020, via Interstellar Music Ltd.  Her debut album Mechanica has remixes included in the album by artists such as CloZee and Sun Glitters.

The experimental electronic musician released his reimagined remix of Lama’s Dream song titled ‘Rain Catcher’ on 14 February 2020 via Alae Records. In 2019, Ka Fu caught the attention of the electronic scene with his album Encoding: Master. It showcased

Recently debuting her latest single ‘Disko Dancing’ last week, DJ and producer Wenzday is back with a new conceptual EP ‘Demons Dancing’ out Wednesday, November 6th on her label 40z Cult. ‘Demons Dancing’ is a conceptual EP centered around female

  Khaled Hejira recently released his stellar single 'Arrivée.' Having been compared to the likes of Arca and Bibio, the French electronic artist's debut has been favourably received. Hejira's sound is inspired by natural environments, abandoned places and dystopian landscapes, and this,

    Independent electronic music producer Uppermost will be sharing his new single ‘Step By Step ft. Sôra,’ set to drop on 1st December via Uppwind Records. His previous hit tracks ‘Flashback’ and ‘Beautiful Light’ have already generated more than 27 million

The first two singles, “Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)" and ‘Twilight (ft. Hildur)’ from Fejká’s upcoming album Twilight, have been released, and the full album is set to drop  tomorrow via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. The EP is an amalgamation of

Prolific DJ and producer Patlac has been dabbling in electronic music from an early age. His outlook on the dance floor is one of a place for mutual listening and sharing, and this is certainly reflected in his sensitive approach

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