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Music producer Sound of Fractures shares minimal music video

British DJ and music producer Jamie Reddington is driven by building a listening experience that people can turn to when they want to feel something, which he describes as ‘emotional electronic music’, drawing heavily from real life, people, family, friends, and honest connections. 

Traces is inspired by the way memories and experiences trigger your emotions. In particular, the way that the tiny moments are what stick with you most about a person when you are faced with losing them; The touch of a hand, a look, the air … these tiny traces of a moment that encapsulate all of your emotional connection.”Jamie

The Traces music video is a collaboration with visual artist Jackson Ducasse (Dua Lipa, Jc Stewart, John Legend, Blondie, RITUAL). A beautifully directed analog-influenced film that invokes a deep feeling of escapism.  Drawn to the way Ducasse is able to convey beauty in life’s simplicities, Jamie says it’s his gift for story-telling and evoking emotional connection that made him the perfect artist to collaborate with.

My goal was to create visuals that reflected the beauty and atmosphere of Sound Of Fractures music while adding to the overall mood of the sound, helping to provide a glimpse of an abstract narrative.” – Jackson Ducasse

The North London native infuses his love of films, stories, and human experiences to share an honest and visceral experience through his music, which takes on an air of nostalgia through its sound & imagery.

Shaped by the culture of UK dance music, hip hop, and soul, Sound of Fractures shares influences from artists such as Massive Attack, Jamie XX, Burial, Frank Ocean, and MJ Cole to name a few. Growing up in a household surrounded by walls of records, his childhood was soundtracked by his parent’s love of reggae and northern soul.

“I don’t know where it will take me or what will influence me next and that’s exciting… Music as an experience should be fluid and lead you down new paths. I don’t want to fit in a box.”

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