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Khaled Hejira Releases new track ‘Arrivée’


Khaled Hejira recently released his stellar single ‘Arrivée.’ Having been compared to the likes of Arca and Bibio, the French electronic artist’s debut has been favourably received.

Hejira’s sound is inspired by natural environments, abandoned places and dystopian landscapes, and this, combined with the musical influence of artists such as Steve Reich, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joni Mitchell, François de Roubaixas well as Guitar-based jazz, Japanese film & video game scores has resulted in his idiosyncratic sound.

The single has been released as a two-track offering alongside ‘Born From A Wish’, a mesmerising b-side complete with crashing synth-waves and strings, broad percussive beats and kaleidoscopic colour. An accompanying video is said to be on the way, and is sure to compliment Hejira’s distinctive and refreshing sound palette.

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