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Interview with music producer Peadar

Music producer Peadar grew up with music and his parents were his inspiration. He now tries to take you on a journey through time and space with his music. 

He creates hypnotic rhythms, mesmerizing soundscapes and melodic-glitched synths with an eternal sound that caresses your soul. Peadar has just released a brand new song ‘Lucid’ and check out our exclusive interview with him.

Who were your first musical influences that you can remember? Who inspired you to start producing music?

My first inspiration came from my parents. I grew up with music. My dad played drums, my mother oboe, so I started very early with playing instruments myself too. My first musical influences that I remember are the cinematic music pieces played by the orchestra my mum played in.

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?

I’d love to tour around the world. Pretty basic stuff to say as an upcoming artist, but actually, that is the goal I’d like to achieve with my music. Exploring the most special locations around the world and let the audience lose themselves to the music.

What does your current software/hardware setup currently consist of?

I work with Ableton, because I like to be inspired during the production process. I used to work with Logic, but that program always left me with one particular sample or idea for too long, so the inspiration didn’t come quickly. When I switched to Ableton I quickly noticed that the interface of the daw is much more inspiring. I start with a kick and bass pattern, let it loop and then I can isolate myself and look for melodies until I’m satisfied. All this can be done with Logic as well, but with the hardware I use, synchronization is much smoother via Ableton. I work with a Korg MS20, Arturia Drumbrute, Vermona drm1 mk2, Roland SH101a and the Korg Volca series for some small/subtle elements. This entire ‘instrument’ is controlled by an Akai apc40. With this device I can launch or stop my patterns on Ableton, I can add effects, I can launch scenes, mute volumes… A smooth, creative way to produce music. When I was producing without the instruments and only making music with my computer, I ran out of inspiration over and over. I need buttons to turn and focus on one particular instrument for an hour until I finally found the sound I’m looking for.

Outside of music, what inspires you?

Art (paintings, street art) and big hikes in the silent nature… Or a combination of both, like in cities such as Barcelona. You can walk all day long and get inspired by beautiful street art.

What kind of relationship do you have with the internet? How does this inform your artistic expression?

I’m a lot on the internet. I like to hear what others are doing and hear the emergence of new sub-genres. I still study, and when I do, I like to listen to live-shows on youtube to discover certain venues or discover new music/artists. A channel like ‘Cercle’ for example is a very big inspiration for me!

As a performer or as a member of the audience, what single show has been the most memorable for you?

Tale Of Us in Kompass Klub. I listened to the entire show and didn’t even think about leaving or taking a short break. The music really took me on a journey, I was high on the music… which is my biggest goal in performing live!

Any new or upcoming artists on your radar?


Please suggest an album for us to listen to.

Binary Choices – Colyn

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

Since this is my first project I’ll now be focussing on making a lot of new music and getting inspired. I’d like to start playing my music live, and when I’m comfortable with the DJ-sets, I’d like to start playing with my instruments too and really make it a live performance!

Famous last words?

Always stay open-minded!

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