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Axel Thesleff’s new song ‘Timeflow’ warps space-time

  Image credit: Pekka Keränen

Following hot on the heels of his reworked version of ShiShi’s ‘Sajani 2.0 (feat. Ben Parag)’, Finnish Bass artist Axel Thesleff shares the temporal single ‘Timeflow’ Double A-Side via Axu Arts with the addition of a hypnotic instrumental version. Axel Thesleff introduces this rich soundscape with a self-composed poem narrated by Jonathan Hutchings adding a deep sense of presence. 

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Dirty synths build maximal intensity, while melodies give listeners a sound to hold onto. The rhythmic juxtaposition of ‘Timeflow’ Double A-Side is stark, the drama he creates can only be described as captivating. Syncopated percussions shapeshift and cross into strong down beats with no clear boundary, a metaphor for the ever-changing nature of time. 

“My latest single, ‘Timeflow’ is an introspective techno banger that takes the listener on a ride through the very fabric of spacetime. It features a poem I wrote and narrated by voice-over artist extraordinaire Jonathan Hutchings. This cross-arts piece articulates the fleetingness of the present moment as well as the mysterious nature of the future and the obliviousness of the past. It’s a constantly evolving and metamorphosing adventure that shifts through a mutating landscape of lush chords, pulsating bass, thumping drums and gritty synths as well as cascading melodies and evocative cadences that bring the listener to the point of sheer vertigo and catharsis in the end.” – Axel Thesleff describes his upcoming single release.

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